Mexico City Travel: Polanco Golden Hour

After walking through the Museo Tamayo during the afternoon, I wander the streets, looking for meaning until sunset.


This is Polanco, a high-end shopping and eating and dining district. There are brightly coloured buildings (Camino Real Polanco), elegant high rises peaking through layers of vegetation majestically, and the occasional arch, pompous but non entirely out of place.

It does not move me as the Condessa had. It is less organic, more manucured. It smells more of money than it does of culture. Nonetheless, it is a pleasant place to stroll through.

Here, the golden hour seems to last longer, its gentle streaks peaking through leaves and tincturing the ground unevenly, poetically.


My birth day nears its end as I arrive at my hotel, the Hyatt Regency Mexico.