Thoughts on the creative economy

The creative economy is at a crossroads, heavily saturated, full of hopefuls. How to negotiate this delicate state of affairs, how to contribute to making our world a more interesting, fairer one, while preserving our capacity to interact fairly with businesses? Creatives must begin to understand that ideas, in the context of commerce, must be sold, that the more we compromise now, the less we can grow tomorrow.

Develop your craft with personal projects, ask for help, but know that that which isn't in the realm of passion, what is business, must be a billable. Let's not get on our knees and accept the fallacy of limited budgets. Films take money, good photography takes money, musical instruments dont come cheap, painting supplies are a non-negligible cost, etc,  and being creative should be a monetized skill.

Let's get together instead of undercutting each other. Perhaps this is a lone stone thrown in a vast ocean of indifference, but perhaps rather a line in a pond, not a hook but an invite. Let's sit on that fishing boat side by side, see what we can catch.