Mexico City Travel Journal: Condesa & Polanco Street Photography

As I write this last blog post of the year, one of many still due about my Mexico travels, my mind races in a myriad of directions. I wonder where I should take this adventure, how to present the things I've found, how to share thoughts with people I love, and with others I've yet to meet.

To close out the year, I'd like to share about a dozen images that, I think, give a sense of the energy of two beautiful Mexico City neighborhoods: Condesa, of which I have talked before, and Polanco, one of the high end living and shopping districts in the city. In this series, I catch the sunlight as it reflects of the neighborhoods' buildings and its sidewalks. 

In the next posts, I will be sharing a bit more about my art, architecture, and food experience in Mexico. But for now, let's go on a stroll together. First, let's head to the Condesa neighborhood.

And then, let's go for a morning stroll through some side streets in Polanco.

Technical note: all images shot on Sony a6500.