Sorry to Bother You

With Sorry to Bother You, director Boots Riley throws his name into the hat for most creative director in the game... with a first feature! In line with the work of Michel Gondry (who's playfully referenced in the film), STBY is a visually playful, surprisingly put-together exploration into the state of the world today. Set in Oakland and focusing on the journey of young and broke telemarketer Cassius 'Cash' Green, the film exposes Green's multinational employer's diabolical ploy.

Anchored by music-video like visuals and strong performances by Lakeith Stanfield as Cash, Tessa Thompson (who should - but probably won't? - get some acting nominations for her work) as his idealistic feminist girlfriend, and Steven Yeun as serial labour organizer 'Squeeze'. Sorry to Bother You ultimately succeeds in engaging moviegoers (the theatre I saw it in was quite full, and highly responsive), even when it sometimes pushes its allegorical aspirations a bit too far. Still, the film announces an exciting new voice in Hollywood. I'll look forward to Riley's next project!

Sorry To Bother You - Screengrab - 02.jpg
Sorry To Bother You - Screengrab - 01.jpg