Travel Journal Three: Verdes y azules

I need to start the day with a visit to the coffee shop. I know that I could make my own, but getting out of the house is a way for me to start the day more deliberately, to feel how much sun, how much or little heat nature is offering up today. This is what I do today. I wake up around 7:00 and head to Colibri Café. Andréane joins me with Vale later and they eat breakfast while I finish editing the photos from yesterday.

We walk back and, on the way, pick up some vegetables so that I can make lunch.I had seen the fruit stall's beautiful zucchinis before and have been wanting to make something with them. We get those as well as some fresh avocados and a box of mushrooms. Back at home, I make tostadas by sautéeing the mushrooms with some onions and a bit of garlic. We add salsa, cheese, and raw onions and it turns out delicious. The zucchinis I keep simple, prepping them raw with olive oil and salt and pepper.


Andrea Valentina decides to 'read' Rupi Kaur's The Sun and Her Flowers book that I bought for Andréane until my Apple Watch catches her eyes and she discovers that things happen when she touches it. A few minutes later, a bit of photo magic happens as she becomes interested in - and gestures directly into - my camera.


We continue our day with a long walk to the kitchen supply store where I want to purchase a larger cutting board for future cooking adventures. As we walk around, I photograph walls and streets.


We go to the park. Andréane plays with her daughter while I attempt to read Isabel Allende en español. She eventually tires herself out and so we go to a café and I help my sister with business planning again. This time she has her iPad and notebook and takes notes on various concoctions from health-oriented companies in both Mexico and Canada.


Knowing that Vale will wake up soon, we head back home and wait for her father. We all go eat tacos at his friend's joint. We order 1/4 kg of bifteck and 1/4 of al pastor, and then another 1/4 of al pastor. Cris has two Noche Buena beers and I have one.


Heading home, we walk by Voodoo Mamma, where Cris and Andréane met. It's 10:00 and I'm tired. I call it early, wanting to wake up early and do some work the next day.