Travel Journal Six: Beneath A Mountain

Andréane and I go visit the Tlachihualtepetl, The Great Pyramid of Cholula. It is a strange sight, overgrown with vegetation for so long. In fact, despite being the largest pyramid by volume in the world, it mostly looks like a mountain with a church perched atop it. But underneath it is an impressive structure of adobe brick webbed with labyrinthic corridors.

A covered archeological dig amidst the ruins.

A covered archeological dig amidst the ruins.


Outside the pyramid, on the visitable archeological site, there are examples of what the murals inside the tunnels may have looked like.


Later, we go visit the Convento de San Gabriel. Unfortunately, it has been greatly affected by the earthquakes and some sections are not accessible to visitors, including the main entrance and portions of the courtyard. Inside, the church is decorated with myriads of Christmas light, not exactly tastefully, but nonetheless in a way that invokes the upcoming Christmas festivities.